Sunday, 24 February 2013


Stage name: Minho (민호 or 珉豪)
Birth name: Choi Minho ((최민호)
Birth date: December 9, 1991 (1991-12-09)
Position: Rap and sub vocal
Height: 184 cm
Blood: B
Training: Since 2006 S.M. Casting System
Hobby/ Interests: Soccer, basketball, performing, English
Appearances: Ha SangBaek’s Fashion Show (March 2008), 2008/2009 F/W Pret-a-Porter Busan Fashion Show (May 2008)
Family: Parents, older brother
Facts about Minho
1. During their trainee days, one of the members of SHINee thought MinHo was a (handsome) foreigner!
2. He’s confident of his ability to not blink for 3 whole minutes.
3. Doesn’t talk much, but hopes to get closer to the other members.
4. While most members prefer to talk during their car rides, MinHo often sleeps by himself.
5. MinHo is a permanent cast member of the TV show, “Dream Team.”
6. He’s made his acting debut recently on a drama special, “Pianist”
7. MinHo is the tallest of all SHINee; he’s a tall 181 cm!
8. When he’s singing “Love Like Oxygen”, MinHo thinks of his dream girl (he’s embarrased of this!)
9. While he sits upright and straight on screen, off-screen, he acts crazily, and sometimes trips on the stairs, and often give the stairs glares after tripping on them.
10. “Honestly, if I were a girl, the member I’d date from SHINee would be TaeMin.” -MinHo
11. “I have never seen a ghost, but would like to see one.” -MinHo
12. His father is an ex-soccer coach.
13. Onew says that MinHo’s voice sounds like it comes from the soles of his feet!
14. According to TaeMin, MinHo’s pyjamas are the cutest, but the print is unknown. Could be anything from bunnies to flowers!
15. He’s quite competitive, in the opinion of not only SHINee members, but of other friends too.
16. He’s talented at sports, althought JongHyun insists that it’s because MinHo is really active in sports while the other members don’t really excerise.
17. He’s orginally from Incheon (for those who don’t know where that is….just think Incheon International Airport area…)
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  1. Choi Minho's character in the drama series "To the Beautiful You" is somewhat the same from what I have read here. Like he doesn't talk allot, active in sports. I would like to know if he is playing jump " like he was in this drama"?

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  3. after a shower, he always poses in front of the mirror like a model with only a towel wrapped his lower body

  4. Thanxxx friends because of this blog I came to know about min ho sshi a little bit.....I hope I can know more about him.....and I would like to tell you all that their are some similarities in choi min ho and mine habits like sleepibg in car, not speak much, try to be close other members but I m not at all competitive......:) And I would like to tell u also that I m learning korean also so that I can understand him more.....and I want to meet him badly......but Iits little difficult as I m from other country INDIA........but I wish I could meet him.......annyeong.....

  5. Aahhh.. Minho I really like you!!..

  6. I like to singing front off the people on the stage.. but i don know how it can be possible.. i have no idea.. is anyone can help me.. to give me some information.. please... 😆😔

    1. Just u hav 2 believe in u and act like there's no one watching singing infront of a mirror.

  7. I Luv Minho and I got to know lot about him.WOW!!! He's such a cool guy.

  8. I love u oppa..I also like Ur Character..Love from INDIA..Plz visit India once more if u get chance in the future

  9. The first time I saw Min Ho is in the drama series Hwarang. :)